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ENVRIplus Science Demonstrator evaluator (D9.4)

This survey-based service evaluation tool demonstrator has been developed in the framework of ENVRIplus Work Package 9, "Service validation and deployment". The tool is described in more detail in the ENVRIplus deliverable report "D9.4 Serving key data service stakeholders and policy initiatives version 2", available at If you have questions or concerns about the survey and how your answers are managed, please get in touch with Maria Johnsson (maria.johnsson at and Margareta Hellström (margareta.hellstrom at

Welcome to the ENVRIplus WP9 Science Demonstrator evaluation tool!

This evaluation tool demonstrates how one can collect feedback on services by using the ENVRIplus Science Demonstrators (as defined in ENVRIplus deliverable 9.2) as examples. The main objectives of this Demonstrator are to 1) provide experience of how to build a service evaluation tool based on a generic survey platform like LimeSurvey, and 2) allow the ENVRI community to give feedback to the developer teams behind the Science Demonstrators.  

Please note that the Science Demonstrators are not "fully developed" services, but rather reflect relatively early stages of development. For this reason, some of the common questions may be difficult to answer, or appear to be less than 100% applicable. We hope that this won't be too much of a problem. 

At the end, you will be able to leave feedback on the survey itself. To make this easier, all questions have a number - please note down the number of any "problem questions" as you go along, so that you can report back to us - this will really be a great help to the survey development team! (Depending on the choices you make, some questions may not be shown - this is not an error!)

Thank you for your participation!


GDPR Notice

We hereby highlight that personal data of those who participate in the survey will be collected and stored. The responses, including personal data, will be stored in a safe way during the survey, and not shared with any party outside of the ENVRIplus project context. The survey responses will be deleted no later than 18 months after the conclusion of ENVRIplus. To particpate in the survey you must acknowledge having read this notice and that your personal data can be stored.